Research at the Department of Agricultural Sciences (Dipartimento di Agraria) of the University of Naples Federico II is represented as a tree transforming “soil nutrients” (scientific activity in basic and applied Sciences) into “fruits” (basic knowledge, projects, publications, know-how and technologies, patents). These, also including dissemination events, seminars, advanced courses, presentations at congresses, are for the benefit of the scientific community, students, industry and general public.

The scientific relevance and international recognition of these research products positioned, for the year 2018, the University of Naples Federico II as number one in Agricultural Sciences in Italy among the top 18 Universities evaluated, 9 out of 130 in Europe, and 34 out of 300 in the world (see National Taiwan World University Ranking).

Look at the roots and click on any of the indicated research areas to discover the specific scientific themes and activities performed at the Department of Agricultural Sciences.