Publications 2011

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G. Corrado, R. Rao A PNA microarray for tomato genotyping ENG MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS
G. INCERTI A contribution to the lichen flora of Sardinia ENG MYCOTAXON
Russo Danilo A first assessment of feeding habits in the fruit bat Rousettus aegyptiacus on Cyprus island   HYSTRIX
Boccia L A methodology proposal for land cover changeanalysis using historical aerial photos   JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY AND REGIONAL PLANNING
Ferranti P A peptidomic approach for monitoring and characterising peptide cyanotoxins produced in Italian lakes by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry ENG RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY
F. Terribile A physically oriented approach to analysis and mapping of terroirs ENG GEODERMA
Y. Rouphael A simple model for nondestructive leaf area estimation in bedding plants ENG PHOTOSYNTHETICA
Aversano R., Di Matteo A., Frusciante L., Carputo D. AFLP analysis to assess genomic stability in Solanum regenerants derived from wild and cultivated species ENG PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY REPORTS
Fogliano V Acrylamide and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF): A review on metabolism, toxicity, occurrence in food and mitigation strategies. ENG LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE
Rao M.A. Activity stabilization of Aspergillus niger and Escherichia coli phytases immobilized onallophanic synthetic compounds and montmorillonite nanoclays. ENG BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY
V Cozzolino, M Pigna Adsorption of Cu and Pb on goethite in the presence of low molecular mass aliphatic acids ENG GEOMICROBIOLOGY JOURNAL
De Micco V., Aronne G., De Pascale S. Agrobiologia e nuove tecnologie per i Sistemi Biorigenerativi nell’esplorazione spaziale: problematiche, prospettive e contributo della ricerca italiana. ITA ITALUS HORTUS
Andrea Formato, Giampiero Scaglione An inertizing and cooling process for grapes cryomaceration ENG ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY
Andolfo G., Frusciante L., Ercolano M.R. An integrated genomic approach for isolating R-genes in tomato   MINERVA BIOTECNOLOGICA
Capitanio F. Analysis of Consumer Attitudes and Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Functional Foods ENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON FOOD SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Motti R. Analysis of the biodeteriogenic vascular flora at the Royal Palace of Portici in southern Italy. ENG INTERNATIONAL BIODETERIORATION & BIODEGRADATION
De Micco V., Aronne G. Anatomy and photochemical behaviour of Mediterranean Cistus incanus winter leaves under natural outdoor and warmer indoor conditions. ENG BOTANY
V. Lanzotti Antifungal Lipopeptides from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Strain BO7   JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS
Garro G., Mauriello R. Aspetti della produzione dei piccoli ruminanti con impatto sulla salute umana ITA SCIENZA E TECNICA LATTIERO-CASEARIA
Alioto D. Aspetti nosografici della Maculatura clorotico-rugginosa del ciliegio (CCRS) ITA MICOLOGIA ITALIANA
Incerti G Assessing occurrence, specificity, and mechanisms of plant facilitation in terrestrial ecosystems ENG PLANT ECOLOGY
G. Bonanomi, G. Incerti, S. Mazzoleni Assessing occurrence, specificity, and mechanisms of plant facilitation in terrestrial ecosystems   PLANT ECOLOGY
Bonanomi G., Scelza R., Rao M.A., Zoina A. Assessing soil quality under intensive cultivation and tree orchards in Southern Italy   APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY
Fogliano V. Assessment of the influence of some spice extracts on the formation of heterocyclic amines in meat ENG FOOD CHEMISTRY
A. La Storia, D. Ercolini, F. Villani, G. Mauriello Atomic force microscopy analysis shows surface structure changesin carvacrol-treated bacterial cells ENG RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY
Luigi Cembalo, Gianni Cicia, Teresa Del Giudice Attributi di processo e di prodotto nella filiera carne suina: un’analisi europea delle preferenze dei consumatori attraverso un modello generalizzato ad utilità stocastica ITA ECONOMIA AGRO-ALIMENTARE
NICOLAI M.A. Authentication of dairy products by immunochemical methods: a review ENG DAIRY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
DE ROSA G. Avoidance distance in sheep: Test–retest reliability and relationship with stockmen attitude ENG SMALL RUMINANT RESEARCH
Nebbioso A., PICCOLO A. Basis of a Humeomics Science: chemical fractionation and molecular characterization of humic biosuprastructures. ENG BIOMACROMOLECULES
Chiusano M.L. Bioinformatics analysis of DArT markers to study potato biodiversity ENG MINERVA BIOTECNOLOGICA
Ferranti P Bound fatty acids modulate the sensitivity of bovine ß-lactoglobulin to chemical and physical denaturation ENG JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Capitanio F. Building a new framework for Common Agricultural Policy: A responsibility towards the overall community ENG EUROCHOICES
Rao M.A Changes in soil chemical and biochemical properties following amendment with crude and dephenolized olive mill waste water (OMW) ENG GEODERMA
Pepe O, Blaiotta G, Ventorino V, Villani F. Characterization in the archaeological excavation site of heterotrophic bacteria and fungi of deteriorated wall painting of Herculaneum in Italy ENG JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY
Fogliano V, Vitaglione P. Chemoprevention of intestinal polyps in ApcMin/+ mice fed western or balanced diets by drinking Annurca apple polyphenol extract ENG CANCER PREVENTION RESEARCH
Alioto D. Cherry chlorotic rusty spot and Cherry leaf scorch: two resembling diseases associated with mycoviruses and double stranded RNAs. ENG JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY
CIRILLO T, FASANO E Children's exposure to Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate and dibutylphthalate plasticizers from school meals. ENG JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
GIOSAFATTO C. V. L. Chitosan/whey protein film as active coating to extend Ricotta cheese shelf-life ENG LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE
Sorrentino R., Alioto D. Citrus exocortis viroid infecting twenty year old Solanum jasminoides plants in Italy ENG JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY
P. Chiaiese, A. Di Matteo, E. Filippone Cloning and expression analysis of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) major lignin and cellulose biosynthesis gene sequences and polymer quantification during plant development ENG INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Fontaine B., PICCOLO A. Co-polymerization of pentahalogenated phenols in humic substances by catalytic oxidation using biomimetic catalysis. ENG ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
G. Cicia, D. G. Teresa Community Supported Agriculture in the Urban Fringe: Empirical Evidence for Project Feasibility in the Metropolitan Area of Naples (Italy) ENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON FOOD SYSTEM DYNAMICS
G.B. Chirico Comparative discharge prediction from a small artificial catchment without model calibration: Representation of initial hydrological catchment development ENG DIE BODENKULTUR
R. Spaccini, A. Piccolo, F. Scala, G. Bonanomi Compost amendments enhance peat suppressiveness to Pythium ultimum, Rhizoctonia solani and Sclerotinia minor   BIOLOGICAL CONTROL
Gianni Cicia, Luigi Cembalo, Teresa Del Giudice Consumer Preferences and Customer Satisfaction Analysis: A New Method Proposal ENG JOURNAL OF FOOD PRODUCTS MARKETING
Ianuario S Consumers Attitudes Toward Labelling Of Ethical Products: The Case Of Organic & Fair Trade Products ENG JOURNAL OF FOOD PRODUCTS MARKETING
Panico T., Del Giudice T., Cicia G., Cembalo L. Consumption of organic strawberries in Italy: Demand analysis ENG NEW MEDIT
Ianuario S Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool for competitiveness and sustainability of local systems: the case of water buffalo meat in Campania region ENG CALITATEA-ACCES LA SUCCES
Capitanio F., Cafiero C. Crop insurance and public intervention in the risk management in agriculture: does farmers really benefit? ENG APPLIED ECONOMICS
Giosafatto C Current perspectives and recommendations for the development of mass spectrometry methods for the determination of allergens in foods.   JOURNAL OF AOAC INTERNATIONAL
P. Adamo Cytological stress and element uptake in moss and lichen exposed in bags in urban area ENG ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Gambuti A., Genovese A., Piombino P., Moio L. Dealcolizzazione del vino e identità sensoriale   INFORMATORE AGRARIO
G. Bonanomi, V. Lanzotti, F. Scala Decomposition of Medicago Sativa Residues Affects Phytotoxicity, Fungal Growth and Soil-borne Pathogen Diseases   JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY
Sannino F. Decontamination of waters polluted with simazine by sorption on mesoporous metal oxides ENG JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Le Grottaglie L. Determination of benzo[a]pyrene in oils intended for food preparation ITA INDUSTRIE ALIMENTARI
Lorito M. Detoxification of olive mill wastewaters by zinc–aluminium layereddouble hydroxides   APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Caruso G., Fogliano V., Carputo D., Frusciante L., Ercolano M.R. Development of a methodology to forecast the nutritional value of new tomato hybrids ENG EUPHYTICA
Fogliano V. Development of functional bread containing nanoencapsulated omega-3 fatty acids ENG JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
P. Ferranti Digestibility and immunoreactivity of soybean ß-conglycinin and its deglycosylated form ENG FOOD CHEMISTRY
D. Carputo Disease resistance gene transcription in transgenic potato is unaltered by temperature extremes and plant physiological age ENG EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PLANT PATHOLOGY
Barone A., Fogliano V., Frusciante L., Ercolano M.R. Dissection of genetic and environmental factors involved in tomato organoleptic quality ENG BMC PLANT BIOLOGY
G. Di Prisco, F. Pennacchio, E. Caprio Dynamics of Persistent and Acute deformed Wing Virus Infections in Honey Bees, Apis mellifera ENG VIRUSES
V. Fogliano, P. Vitaglione Effect of Thermally Oxidized Oil and Fasting Status on the Short-Term Digestibility of Ketolinoleic Adds and Total Oxidized Fatty Acids in Rats   JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
BARONE C.M.A. Effect of autochtonous genetic type on some quanti-qualitative characteristics of milk ENG ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE
E. TORRIERI, S. CAVELLA, V. FOGLIANO, P. MASI Effect of modified atmosphere and active packaging on the shelf-life of fresh bluefin tuna fillets ENG JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING
Scelza R., Rao M. A. Effect of municipal solid waste compost and sewage sludge on enzymatic activities and wheat yield in a clayey-loamy soil ENG SOIL SCIENCE
A.G. Caporale, M. Pigna, V. Cozzolino Effect of organic and inorganic ligands on the sorption/desorption of arsenate on/from Al-Mg and Fe-Mg layered double hydroxides ENG JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Fogliano V Effect of standard phenolic compounds and olive oil phenolic extracts on acrylamide formation in an emulsion system. ENG FOOD CHEMISTRY
G. Barbieri Effect of sulphuric fertilization on the shelf life of Broccoli packaged in protective atmosphere ENG EMIRATES JOURNAL OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE
TORRIERI E., CAVELLA S., GIOSAFATTO C.V., MASI P. Effect of surface density on the engineering properties of high-Methoxyl Pectin-based edible Films   FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY
Fogliano V. Effect of two cooking procedures on phytochemical compounds, total antioxidant capacity and colour of selected frozen vegetables ENG FOOD CHEMISTRY
Giacometti R. Effectiveness of plant-derived formulations against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid et White) Chitw. in a protected tomato crop ENG REDIA
Giacometti R. Effectiveness of soil solarization combined with a plant-derived formulation for the control of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid et White) Chitw. in greenhouse tomato ENG REDIA
G. Caruso, S. Conti Effects of cultural cycles and nutrient solutions on plant growth, yield and fruit quality of alpine strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) grown in hydroponics ENG SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
C. AMALFITANO Effects of grapevine applications of fosetyl-aluminium formulations for downy mildew control on “esca” and associated fungi ENG PHYTOPATHOLOGIA MEDITERRANEA
De Micco V Effects of sparsely and densely ionizing radiation on plants ENG RADIATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL BIOPHYSICS
B. Panunzi Elemental Iodine or Diphenyl Diselenide in the [Bis(trifluoroacetoxy)-iodo]benzene-Mediated Conversion of Alkynes into 1,2-Diketones ENG EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
P. Chiaiese, F. Palomba, E. Filippone Engineered tobacco and microalgae secreting the fungal laccase POXA1b reduce phenol content in olive oil mill wastewater ENG ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY
Fagnano M., Adamo P., Fiorentino N. Environmental and agronomic impact of fertilization with composted organic fraction from municipal solid waste: A case study in the region of Naples, Italy ENG AGRICULTURE, ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Fogliano V Estimation of dietary intake of melanoidins from coffee and bread. ENG FOOD & FUNCTION
D'Urso Estimation of the spatially distributed surface energy budget for AgriSAR 2006, part I: Remote sensing model intercomparison ENG IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATIONS AND REMOTE SENSING
Nebbioso A., PICCOLO A. Europium(III) complexed by HPSEC size-fractions of a vertisol humic acid: Small differences evidenced by time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy ENG SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA. PART A, MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY
D’Urso G. Evaluation of Sentinel-2 Spectral Sampling forRadiative Transfer Model Based LAI Estimation ofWheat, Sugar Beet, and Maize ENG IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATIONS AND REMOTE SENSING
M. L. Chiusano Evolution of anterior Hox regulatory elements among chordates ENG BMC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY
Lorito M Expression of a beta-1,3-glucanase from a biocontrol fungus in transgenic pearl millet ENG SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
P. Chiaiese, M. Minutolo, E. Filippone Expression of human apolipoprotein A-I in Nicotiana tabacum ENG BIOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS
VECCHIO R Factors Affecting Italian Consumer Attitudes Toward Functional Foods ENG AGBIOFORUM
Aversano R., Frusciante L., Carputo D. Fertilization fitness and offspring ploidy in 3x x 2x matings in potato. ENG PLANT BIOSYSTEMS
Sorrentino R., Alioto D. First Report of Tomato spotted wilt virus on Tobacco in Campania, Italy. ENG PLANT DISEASE
Chirico G.B. Forest cover influence on regional flood frequency assessment in Mediterranean catchments ENG HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
S. Vingiani Forest humus forms as potential indicators of soil carbon storage in Mediterranean environments ENG BIOLOGY AND FERTILITY OF SOILS
Lanzuise S., Woo S.L., Lorito M., Scala F. Four potato (Solanum tuberosum) ABCG transporters and their expression in response to abiotic factors and Phytophthora infestans infection ENG JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
E. Apicella Fractal-like silver aggregates enhance single molecule fluorescence brightness and stability ENG APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY
PICCOLO A., Spaccini R. Fulvic acid affects proliferation and maturation phases in Abies cephalonica embryogenic cells. ENG JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
VECCHIO R Functional Foods development in the European market: a consumer perspective ENG JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS
Corrado G., Rao R. Genetic diversity among olive varieties of southern italy and the traceability of olive oil using SSR markers ENG JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
Maria Raffaella Ercolano Genetic diversity of Spanish Cucurbita pepo landraces: an unexploited resource for summer squash breeding ENG GENETIC RESOURCES AND CROP EVOLUTION
Fagnano M. Geospatial and visual modeling for exploring sediment source areas across the Sele River landscape, Italy ENG ITALIAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY
Capitanio F. Gestione del rischio in agricoltura ed intervento pubblico. Evoluzione, sostenibilità e prospettive del sistema italiano ITA ECONOMIA & DIRITTO AGROALIMENTARE
Garonna A.P., Laudonia S. Glycaspis brimblecombei (Hem.: Psyllidae), la psilla dal follicolo bianco ceroso, altra specie aliena dell’Eucalipto rosso in Italia ITA FOREST@
M. FURNO Goodness of Fit and Misspecification in Quantile Regressions ENG JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL STATISTICS
RUSSO D., GARONNA A.P. Habitat selection by the highly endangered long-horned beetle Rosalia alpina in Southern Europe: a multiple spatial scale assessment. ENG JOURNAL OF INSECT CONSERVATION
M. A. Rao Hg bioavailability and impact on bacterial communities in a long-termpolluted soil ENG JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING
De Pascale S. High temperature control in mediterranean greenhouse production: The constraints and the options ENG ACTA HORTICULTURAE
ARONNE G. Honey bee interest in flowers with anemophilous characteristics: first notes on handling time and routine on Fraxinus ornus and Castanea sativa. ENG BULLETIN OF INSECTOLOGY
Romano N., Chirico G.B. How the aggressiveness of rainfalls in the Mediterranean lands is enhanced by climate change. ENG CLIMATIC CHANGE
R. Aversano How to make our crops red   MINERVA BIOTECNOLOGICA
Nanni B. I funghi entomopatogeni ITA MICOLOGIA ITALIANA
Cicia G. Il ruolo dell'olivo nel paesaggio agrario italiano del XXI secolo ITA ITALUS HORTUS
P. Adamo Implementation of airborne trace element monitoring with devitalised transplants of Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw.: Assessment of temporal trends and element contribution by vehicular traffic in Naples city ENG ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION
V. Fogliano, P. Vitaglione In vitro bioaccessibility and gut biotransformation of polyphenols present in the water-insoluble cocoa fraction   MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
COSENZA G. Incidence of X-Y aneuploidy in sperm of two indigenous cattle breeds by using dual color fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) ENG THERIOGENOLOGY
S. De Pascale, G. Barbieri, A. Maggio Increasing water use efficiency in vegetable crop production: from plant to irrigation systems efficiency ENG HORTTECHNOLOGY
ROMANO R. Indicatori di trattamento termico di oli sottoposti a frittura prolungata e discontinua   LA RIVISTA DI SCIENZA DELL'ALIMENTAZIONE
G. Caruso, S. Conti Influence of crop cycle and nitrogen fertilizer formon yield and nitrate content in differentspecies of vegetables ENG ADVANCES IN HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE
Adamo P. Influence of exposure sites on trace element enrichment in moss-bags and characterization of particles deposited on the biomonitor surface ENG SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Raiola A. Integrated control of blue mould using new fungicides and biocontrol yeasts lowers levels of fungicide residues and patulin contamination in apples ENG POSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY
Masi P. Isolation, structural characterization and antioxidant activity of a new water-soluble polysaccharide from Acanthophyllum bracteatum roots ENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES
VECCHIO R Italian and United States farmers’ markets: similarities, differences and potential developments ENG JOURNAL OF FOOD PRODUCTS MARKETING
Aronne G., De Micco V. L'approccio interdisciplinare nello studio dell'impollinazione delle Angiosperme. ITA INFORMATORE BOTANICO ITALIANO
Pomarici E. La catena del valore nella filiera vitivinicola ITA AGRIREGIONIEUROPA
F. Capitanio La gestione del rischio in agricoltura. Prime valutazioni sulle proposte normative dello sviluppo rurale 2014-2020 ITA AGRIREGIONIEUROPA
SCELZA R La proteomica quale strumento di tipizzazione di cultivar precoci di patata. ITA MINERVA BIOTECNOLOGICA
G. Incerti, G. Bonanomi, F. Giannino, S. Mazzoleni Litter decomposition in Mediterranean ecosystems: Modelling the controlling role of climatic conditions and litter quality. ENG APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY
P. CUPO L’impatto del PSR Campania 2007-2013 sulla capacità di accesso al credito delle aziende agricole regionali   ECONOMIA & DIRITTO AGROALIMENTARE
A. COPPOLA, F.VERNEAU L’uso della psicometria per lo studio della consumer attitude nelle società post moderne ITA AGRIREGIONIEUROPA
G. SEVERINO, A. SOMMELLA Macrodispersion by Diverging Radial Flows in Randomly Heterogeneous Porous Media ENG JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY
G. SEVERINO Macrodispersion by Point-Like Source Flows in Randomly Heterogeneous Porous Media ENG TRANSPORT IN POROUS MEDIA
D'Urso G. Mapping daily evapotranspiration at field to continental scales using geostationary and polar orbiting satellite imagery ENG HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
S. Mazzoleni Mapping fire ignition risk in a comples anthropogenic landscape ENG REMOTE SENSING LETTERS
Fagnano M., Chirico G.B. Mapping soil erodibility from composed dataset in Sele River Basin, Italy. ENG NATURAL HAZARDS
Riccardi M Melon crops (Cucumis melo l., cv. Tendral) grown in a Mediterranean environment under saline-sodic conditions: Part I Yield and quality ENG AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT
Riccardi M Melon crops (Cucumis melo l., cv. Tendral) grown in a Mediterranean environment under saline-sodic conditions: Part II Growth analysis ENG AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT
Blaiotta G, Ventorino V, Pepe O. Microbial characterization of sourdough for sweet baked products in the Campania region (southern Italy) by a polyphasic approach ENG ANNALS OF MICROBIOLOGY
E. Caprio Microwave treatment for pest control: the case of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus in Phoenix canariensis ENG BULLETIN OEPP
Ercolini D., Mauriello G., Villani F. Monitoring of microbial metabolites and bacterial diversity in beef stored in different packaging conditions. ENG APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY
P. Chiaiese, E. Filippone Multiple buds are an alternative target to genetic manipulation of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)   INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Youssef Rouphael Nitrogen-use efficiency traits of mini-watermelon in response to grafting and nitrogen-fertilization doses ENG JOURNAL OF PLANT NUTRITION AND SOIL SCIENCE
I. Catalano, G.G. Aprile Notulae Cryptogamicae N°10 ITA INFORMATORE BOTANICO ITALIANO
VECCHIO R Nuove esigenze dei consumatori e strategie di valorizzazione integrata della carne di bufalo ITA ECONOMIA AGRO-ALIMENTARE
Capitanio F. On Insurance to Extreme Events and Farmers Welfare: Panel Data Evidence from Italy ENG RISK GOVERNANCE & CONTROL: FINANCIAL MARKETS & INSTITUTIONS
Incerti G On the Use of Satellite Data for Spatial Health Risk Assessment of Urban Air Pollutants ENG EPIDEMIOLOGY
Incerti G On the Use of Satellite Data to Estimate Spatially Referenced Health Risk of Air Pollution RID F-8931-2010   EPIDEMIOLOGY
G. SEVERINO On the local concentration pdf of solutes reacting upon mixing ENG WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH
Fabrizio Sarghini, Paolo Masi Optimal shape design of bypass holding tubes configuration in asepting processing ENG PROCEDIA FOOD SCIENCE
RUSSO D., MAGLIO Out of the dark: diurnal activity in the bat Hipposideros ruber on São Tomé island (West Africa)   MAMMALIAN BIOLOGY
Giacometti R. Paraleyrodes minei Iaccarino 1990 (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), a new species for Italy, on Citrus aurantium L., 1958 ITA JOURNAL OF ENTOMOLOGICAL AND ACAROLOGICAL RESEARCH
Romano N., Palladino M., Chirico G.B. Parameterization of a bucket model for soil-vegetation-atmosphere modeling under seasonal climatic regimes. ENG HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
GAMBUTI A., RINALDI A., MOIO L. Partial dealcoholisation of red wines by membrane contactor technique: influence on colour, phenolic compounds and saliva precipitation index.   EUROPEAN FOOD RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
Capparelli R Peptides from Royal Jelly: studies on the antimicrobial activity of jelleins, jelleins analogs and synergy with temporins ENG JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE SCIENCE
P. Ferranti Peptides from water buffalo cheese whey induced senescence cell death via ceramide secretion in human colon adenocarcinoma cell line ENG MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
MASUCCI F., DE ROSA G., GRASSO F., DI FRANCIA A. Performance and immune response of buffalo calves supplementedwith probiotic ENG LIVESTOCK SCIENCE
V. Lanzotti Phenol Composition and Susceptibility to FusariumOxysporum Dianthi in Carnation ENG JOURNAL OF LIFE SCIENCES
B. Basile Phenological Sensitivity of Cabernet Sauvignon to Water Stress: Vine Physiology and Berry Composition ENG AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ENOLOGY AND VITICULTURE
Fogliano V, Vitaglione P. Physiological relevance of polyphenol compounds of the cocoa water insoluble fraction. ENG MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH
V. Fogliano Phytochemicals and colorectal cancer prevention-myth or reality?   NATURE REVIEWS. GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY
G. Bonanomi, G. Incerti, V. Lanzotti, F. Scala, S. Mazzoleni Phytotoxicity, not nitrogen immobilization, explains plant litter inhibitory effects: evidence from solid-state (13)C NMR spectroscopy   NEW PHYTOLOGIST
DE ROSA G. Podolian beef production on pasture and in confinement ENG ANIMAL
V. Fogliano, P. Vitaglione Polyphenols and Human Health: A Prospectus   CRITICAL REVIEWS IN FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION
Rouphael Y. Potato response to potassium fertilization rate and application timing under semi-arid conditions   ADVANCES IN HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE
M.Lorito Potato type I and II Proteinase Inhibitors:Modulating Plant Physiology and host resistance ENG CURRENT PROTEIN & PEPTIDE SCIENCE
F. Terribile Potential and limitations of using soil mapping informationto understand landscape hydrology ENG HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
Sorrentino R., Alioto D. Presenza del virus del nanismo dell’arachide (PSV) in scopazzi di Robinia pseudoacacia (fam. Fabaceae). ITA PROTEZIONE DELLE COLTURE
Torrieri E., Cavella S., Masi P. Preservation and protective atmosphere influences in fresh cut broccoli ENG INGREDIENTI ALIMENTARI
Nebbioso A., PICCOLO A. Probing the hormonal activity of fractionated molecular humic components in tomato auxin mutants. ENG ANNALS OF APPLIED BIOLOGY
G. Barbieri, A. Maggio Proline and light as quality enhancers of rocket (Eruca sativa Miller) grown under saline conditions ENG SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE
Ferranti P. Proteomic analysis in allergy and intolerance to wheat products. ENG EXPERT REVIEW OF PROTEOMICS
P. Ferranti Proteomic and peptidomic characterisation of beer: Immunological and technological implications ENG FOOD CHEMISTRY
MAURIELLO R., GARRO G. Proteomic techniques for the caprine milk characterization (Tecniche proteomiche per la caratterizzazione della qualità del latte di capra) ITA INGREDIENTI ALIMENTARI
G. Barbieri Quality evaluation on processed melons (Cucumis melo L.) Packaged in protective atmosphere ENG EMIRATES JOURNAL OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE
G. Blaiotta Rapid and reliable identification of Staphylococcus aureus harbouring the enterotoxin gene cluster (egc) and quantitative detection in raw milk by real time PCR ENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD MICROBIOLOGY
Giacometti R. Rapporto pianta–suolo: influenza sulle produzioni di alcuni bioformulati. ITA COLTURE PROTETTE
Rigano M.M. Recombinant plant-expressed tumor-associated MUC1 peptide is immunogenic and capable of breaking tolerance in MUC1.Tg mice. ENG PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL
CARACCIOLO F., GORGITANO M.T., LOMBARDI P., VERNEAU F. Responsibility and Sustainability in a Food Chain: A Priority Matrix Analysis ENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON FOOD SYSTEM DYNAMICS
Chiusano M.L., Frusciante L. Revealing impaired pathways in the an11 mutant by high-throughput characterization of Petunia axillaris and Petunia inflata transcriptomes ENG PLANT JOURNAL
D. Scarano, G. Corrado, R. Rao SSR fingerprinting reveals mislabelling of commercial ‘San Marzano’ tomato products. ENG MINERVA BIOTECNOLOGICA
Maggio A., De Pascale S., Fagnano M., Barbieri G. Saline agriculture in Mediterranean environments. ENG ITALIAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY
M. MORI, DI MOLA I., QUAGLIETTA CHIARANDA' F. Salt stress and transplant time in snap bean: growth and productive behaviour ENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLANT PRODUCTION
L. Frusciante, R. Aversano, D. Carputo Secondary Metabolite Profile in Induced Tetraploids of Wild Solanum commersonii Dun. ENG CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY
A. Zoina Selection of a new Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain for the biological controlof Fusarium oxysporumf.sp. radicis lycopersici ENG PHYTOPATHOLOGIA MEDITERRANEA
E. TORRIERI, R. DI MONACO, S. CAVELLA, F. VILLANI, P. MASI Shelf-life prediction of fresh Italian pork sausage modified atmosphere packed ENG FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL
Corrado G., Rao R. Simple sequence repeats are able to trace tomato cultivars in tomato food chains ENG FOOD CONTROL
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