Optimizing of Plough Mouldbard Surface

Our research group works on optimizing of plough moulbard surface.

Activity start 2005
Publications - Formato A, Pucillo G P, Abagnale A, (2013) : Study of Sandy Soil Compaction. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (A) Vol. 3, N. 5A, 356-367. ISSN 1939-1250 (Q3)
- Formato A. (2005). Simplified triaxial apparatus to test agricultural soils. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, vol. 81/1; p. 121-129, ISSN: 0167-1987 (Q1)
- Formato A., S. Faugno, G. Paolillo (2005). Numerical simulation of the interaction between soil and plough mouldboard. BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING, vol. 93,(3); p. 309-316, ISSN: 1537-5110 (Q2)
Permanent staff Andrea Formato (AGR/09)
Temporary or external staff Dott. Domenico Ianniello (Assegno di ricerca) 
Projects Convenzione Nardi spa - optimizing of plough moulbard surface - 10.000, 2013, Responsabile scientifico 
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Technology and know-how transfers Software per l'ottimizzazione delle superfici lavoranti degli aratri