Equivalent vs effective properties of heterogeneous porous formations

Equivalent-vs-effective-properties-of-heterogeneous-porous-formations New concepts of equivalent/apparent properties are defined to characterize the mean flow in heterogeneous porous formations. Unlike the effective properties (valid only for flows uniform in the mean), the equivalent ones are shown to be useful in those applications where flow is not uniform in the mean.

Activity start 2003
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Permanent staff Gerardo Severino (AGR/08), Angelo Sommella (AGR/08)
Temporary or external staff Prof. Antonio Coppola, Università della Basilicata, Prof. Toraldo Gerardo, Università degli Studi di NApoli, Dr. De Bartolo Samuele, Università della Calabria
Projects - CNR (03.00067.GN42) "Spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties and computation of equivalent parameters".
- Department fund (2012) "Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Media: Modelling and Computational Aspects". 
Recognitions and awards  
Scientific events 2008 - Irrigation in Mediterranean Agriculture:Challenges and Innovation for The Next Decades. Naples (Italy), June 17-18.
2013 - Four Decades of Progress in Monitoring and Modeling of Processes in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System:Applications and Challenges, Naples (Italy), June 19-20. 
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