Modelling vs Monitoring of Solute transport in heterogeneous media

Modelling-vs-monitoring-of-solute-transport-in-heterogeneous-media Models combined with monitoring of solute transport in heterogeneous porous formations are developed. It is shwon that they represent a useful tool to predict the propagation of pollutants in large areas as well as to properly design remediation srtategies to clean up contaminated soils.

Activity start 2004
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Permanent staff Gerardo Severino (AGR/08)
Temporary or external staff Prof. Gedeon Dagan, Tel Aviv University (Israel), Prof. Vladimir Cvetkovic, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweeden), Prof. Daniel Tartakovsky, University of California (US), Dr. Hari Viswanathan, Los Alamos National Laboratory (US), Prof. Antonio Coppola, Università della Basilicata, Prof. Aldo Fiori, Università di Roma Tre
Projects - Progetto Giovani Ricercatori (MIUR #400) "Solute transport in heterogeneous soils: developing and validation of a mathematical model".
- International exchange program between Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and foreign Research Institutes (UPIMDS #048058 - August, 2001) "Colloid-Enhanced Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Aquifers".
- International exchange program between Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and foreign Research Institutes (URI #0061234 - May, 2009) "Solute Transport in highly Heterogeneous Soils".
- OECD's Co-operative Research Programme: Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (contract #JA00073336 - January, 2012) "Uncertainty Quantification of Pesticide Migration for a Sustainable Agriculture".
- LANL IGPP (#80227-001-10, USA) "Upscaling and Uncertainty Quanti cation for Geochemical Processes".- PON(#9260) "Integrated techniques for decontamination".
- PRIN (2002074287 001) "Modern technologies to manage waste water in agriculture:  eld scale study of solute transport in soils irrigated by waste waters".
- PRIN (2004074597 001) "Monitoring and controlling of non-point source pollution due to the use of urban and zootechnical waste waters in agriculture".
Recognitions and awards  
Scientific events 2003 - Strategies for Controlling and Predicting Transport of Contaminants to Goundwater from The Unsaturated Zone. Ravello (Italy), April 13-14.
2004 - Study and monitoring of hydrological processes in agricultural and forest systems. Capri (Italy), May 27-28.
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