Hydrologic models for hydrologic hazard assessment and mitigation

Hydrologic-models-for-hydrologic-hazard-assessment-and-mitigation Development of distributed and conceptual models for simulating the hydrological response at hillslope and catchment scales, flash-floods risk assessment and hydraulik risk mitigation planning.

Activity start 2001
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Permanent staff Giovanni Battista Chirico (AGR/08)
Temporary or external staff  
Recognitions and awards Outstanding Student Paper Award dell’American Geophysical Union al 2000 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, EOS Trans. AGU, Volume 82, No. 15, pag.176-177, April 10 2001. 
Scientific events  
Technology and know-how transfers Greenhouses design rules in Campania Region (contribution to regional law)
Early warning system for hydrological risk mitigation (contribution to system development)