Soil erosion and shallow landslide hazard assessment for planning soil bioengineering works

Soil-erosion-and-shallow-landslide-hazard-assessment Hydrologic models for soil water erosion and shallow landslides predictions. Models for assessing the efficiency of soil bioengineering measures for slope stabilization works with plants.

Activity start 2009
Publications - Andriola P, Chirico GB, De Falco M, De Crescenzo P, Santo A. A comparison between physically-based models and a semiquantitative methodology for assessing suceptibility to flowslides triggering in pyroclastic deposits of southern Italy. Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria, 32:213-226, 2009 (Q3).
- Nazzareno D, Fagnano M, Alberico I, Chirico GB. Mapping soil erodibility from composed dataset in Sele River Basin, Italy. Natural Hazards, DOI 10.1007/s11069-010-9679-2, 2010 (Q2).
- Nazzareno D., Bellocchi G., Romano N., Chirico GB How the aggressiveness of rainfalls in the Mediterranean lands is enhanced by climate change, Climatic Change, 108, 591-599, 2011 (Q1).
Permanent staff Giovanni Battista Chirico (AGR/08)
Temporary or external staff Federico Preti, Università di Firenze (responsabile unità PRIN)
Projects PRIN 2010-2011 Rete nazionale per il monitoraggio, la modellazione e la gestione sostenibile dei processi erosivi nei territori agricoli, collinari e montani
Recognitions and awards  
Scientific events EGU2014 session SSS2.10/BG9.7/GM4.8/HS8.3.9/NH3.9 How vegetation influences soil erosion and slope stability: monitoring and modeling eco-hydrological and geo-mechanical factors (co-organized) 
Technology and know-how transfers Hydrologic risk mitigation plans in forestry environment - Regional Forestry Plan of Campania Region