On-farm animal welfare assessment

The aim of the research is to develop, on scientific basis, a monitoring system for assessing animal welfare at farm level that can be used as certification system, for comparing different husbandry systems or as advisory/management tool for the farmer. The welfare monitoring system will include structural and technical parameters and indicators that measure the actual welfare state of the animals in terms of their behaviour, health, performance and disease-resistance.

Activity start 2008
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Permanent staff Giuseppe De Rosa (AGR/19), Fernando Grasso (AGR/19)
Temporary or external staff prof. Fabio Napolitano, Università della Basilicata, Potenza
Projects Integration of animal welfare in the food quality chain: from public concern to improved welfare and transparent quality – Unione Europea – 20.000 euro
Analisi di sistemi aziendali mediante il confronto di diverse tipologie riferite all'allevamento bovino da carne e da latte, ovino, suino ed avicolo – Regione Marche – 20.700 euro
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