Morpho-Anatomical Plasticity Linked with Functional Efficiency

Morpho-Anatomical-Plasticity-Linked-with-Functional-Efficiency This research aims to analyse the plasticity of plants at the structural level in the sight of environmental changes. A specific focus is addressed to adaptive strategies in Mediterranean ecosystems. The relations between structural modifications of leaves  and photosynthetic capacity are studied in order to highlight possible photoprotective strategies to overcome limiting environmental conditions. Morpho-functional strategies to avoid drought-induced embolism and herbivory are analysed. The effect of genetic transformation on tissue structure is also investigated to evaluate possible functional alterations which could modify plant adaptive capability.

Activity start 1998
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Permanent staff Veronica De Micco (BIO/03), Giovanna Aronne (BIO/03)
Temporary or external staff Dr. Carmen Arena (RU, Dip. Biologia, UNINA), Dr. Luca Vitale (CNR - ISAFOM)
Projects - Progetto PRIN "Il fuoco in ambiente mediterraneo: effetti sulla vegetazione e sul suolo" (MIUR, 1999-2001)
- Progetto PRIN "Flussi di carbonio in ecosistemi mediterranei nelle fasi di recupero post-incendio" (MIUR, 1998-2000)
Recognitions and awards Awards
- V. De Micco - Award of the Italian Society of Botany (SBI) for the best Italian PhD Thesis (Title: “Combinations of xylem elements as adaptive strategies in Mediterranean woody species: anatomical, functional and chemical approaches”) in the years 2002-2004 in Botany, Rome (Italy), September 2005

Elective Appointments
- From September 2008 V. De Micco is adviser of the Working Group on Plant Biorhythms and Phenology of the Italian Botanical Society.
- From September 2008 G. Aronne is President of the Working Group on Plant Biorhythms and Phenology of the Italian Botanical Society.
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