Plant Soil Feedback and Species Coexistence

Currently we are studying the impact of environmental heterogeneity generated by plants on species interaction. Several research topics about negative plant-soil feedback are faced to unravel its role in determine species diversity in natural plant communities: the occurrence in nature, the underling mechanisms and the connection with facilitative interactions.

Activity start 2005
Publications - G. Bonanomi, G. Incerti, S. Mazzoleni, Assessing occurrence, specificity, and mechanisms of plant facilitation in terrestrial ecosystems, Plant Ecol (2011) 212:1777-1790, DOI 10.1007/s11258-011-9948-5.
- G. Bonanomi, A. Mingo, G. Incerti, S. Mazzoleni, M. Allegrezza, Fairy rings caused by a killer fungus foster plant diversity in species-rich grassland, Journal of Vegetation Science, Doi: 10.1111/j.1654-1103.2011.01353.x, 2011.
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Permanent staff Giuliano Bonanomi (AGR/12), Francesco Giannino (MAT/08), Stefano Mazzoleni (BIO/03)
Temporary or external staff Dott. Guido Incerti (assegnista di ricerca) UNINA, Dott. Fabrizio Carteni (assegnista di ricerca) UNINA, Dr Max Rietkerk,Utrecht University
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