Litter Decomposition

Litter-Decomposition Plant litter decomposition is fundamental for ecosystems productivity because of nutrient recycling, but, at the same time, by nutrient retention and phytotoxicity release, it may also hamper root proliferation negatively affecting plant nutrition and growth. The specific objectives of our research are: (i) to determine the dynamics of litter inhibitory effects during the decomposition process; (ii) to assess the relative importance of nutrient immobilization and allelopathic effects on plant growth inhibition; (iii) to predict both litter inhibitory effects and decay rates by 13C-CPMAS NMR spectroscopy and modelling.

Activity start 2009
Publications - G. Incerti, G. Bonanomi, F. Giannino, F.A. Rutigliano, D. Piermatteo, S. Castaldi, A. De Marco, A. Fierro, A. Fioretto, O. Maggi, S. Papa, A.M. Persiani, E. Feoli, A. Virzo De Santo, S. Mazzoleni, Litter decomposition in Mediterranean ecosystems: Modelling the controlling role of climatic conditions and litter quality, Applied Soil Ecology 49 (2011) 148-157.
- G. Bonanomi, G. Incerti, E. Barile, M. Capodilupo, V. Antignani, A. Mingo, V. Lanzotti, F. Scala, S. Mazzoleni, Phytotoxicity, not nitrogen immobilization, explains plant litter inhibitory effects: evidence from solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy, New Phytologist (2011) 191: 1018-1030, doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2011.03765.x.
- G. Bonanomi, S. Caporaso, M. Allegrezza, Effects of nitrogen enrichment, plant litter removal and cutting on a species-rich Mediterranean calcareous grassland, Plant Biosystems, Vol. 143, No. 3, November 2009, pp. 443-455.
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- S. Mazzoleni, G. Bonanomi, F. Giannino, G. Incerti, S. C. Dekker, M. Rietkerk (2010). Modelling the effects of litter decomposition on tree diversity patterns. Ecological Modelling pp. 2784-2792, Vol. 221 
Permanent staff Giuliano Bonanomi (AGR/12), Virginia Lanzotti (CHIM/06), Stefano Mazzoleni (BIO/03)
Temporary or external staff Dott. Guido Incerti (assegnista di ricerca) UNINA, Dott. Fabrizio Carteni (assegnista di ricerca) UNINA, Dr Max Rietkerk, Utrecht University
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