Dendroecology and Climatic Proxies at High Elevation

On a model species (Pinus leucodermis) growing at high elevation on a Mediterranean mountain we studied xylogenesis activity and explored in depth climate, anthropogenic and climate change impacts on tree ring archives.

Activity start 2002
Publications - Rossi S., Deslauriers A., Anfodillo T., Morin H., Saracino A., Motta R., Borghetti M. (2006). Conifers in cold environments synchronize maximum growth rate of tree-ring formation with day length. New Phytologist, 170: 301-310. doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2006.01660.x.65.  (Q1)
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Permanent staff Antonio Saracino (AGR/05)
Temporary or external staff Dr. Luigi Todaro (Università degli Studi della Basilicata). Dr. Angelo Rita (dottore di ricerca)
Collaborations German Centre for Geosciences, Section 5.2 Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution, Potsdam Dendro Lab, Potsdam, Germany
Projects - PRIN-MIUR 2002-2003  “High altitude forests in Mediterranean mountains: spatial structures, temporal dynamics and environmental limitations”. (ruolo: responsabile scientifico unità di ricerca, importo 40.100 Euro).
- PRIN-MIUR 2005-2006 “Stable C isotopes of the tree-rings at the treeline: archives of climatic, environmental and physiological signals”. (ruolo: responsabile scientifico unità di ricerca, importo 27.000 Euro).
Recognitions and awards SUI MEDIA  
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