Plant Species Conservation

Plant-Species-Conservation We study threatened plant species to identify bottlenecks in their life-cycle. We aim to identify the processes responsible for species decline and suggest countermeasures for a sustainable conservation.

Activity start 2010
Publications - Aronne G, Buonanno M,  De Micco V. 2013 Assessment of distyly syndrome in Primula palinuri Petagn.a rare species living on maritime vertical cliffs. Plant Systematics and Evolutions DOI 10.1007/s00606-013-0931-6. Q2
- Giovanetti M., Aronne G (2012). Insect visitors to the rare plant Primula palinuri Petagna (Primulaceae) in southern Italy: a framework for future research. JOURNAL OF APICULTURAL RESEARCH, vol. 51, p. 280-281, Q1
- De Micco V., Aronne G. (2012). Occurrence of morpho-anatomical adaptive traits in juvenile and adult plants of the endangered Mediterranean cliff species Primula palinuri Petagna.. THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL, p. 1-10, Q1
Permanent staff Giovanna Aronne (BIO/03), Veronica De Micco (BIO/03)
Temporary or external staff Dr. Maurizio Buonanno (Tecnologo), CNR-ISAFoM
Projects - 2010-2012. Progetto nazionale Monitoraggio ambientale dei micrositi in cui cresce Primula palinuri Pet. e studio delle prime fasi del suo ciclo vitale.  Ente Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano (Bando 30 dicembre 2008, Prot. 18977) (90k euro)(G. Aronne, Project Coordinator)
Recognitions and awards - G. Aronne - Scientific member in the governing body of the Vesuvius National Park, Italy (2008-2011)
Scientific events - G. Aronne, 2010 - 105° Congresso Società Botanica Italiana, 25-28 agosto, Milano
- G. Aronne, 2014 – XXIII International Conference on Sexual Plant Reproduction 13-18 July, Porto, Portugal
Technology and know-how transfers