Plant Chemestry

Recently we started the analysis of plants by using a metabolomic approach consisting in the analysis of the total organic compounds present in the plant material both in liquid and solid phase by using respectively 1H NMR and CP MAS NMR spectroscopy.

Activity start 2006
Publications - G. Incerti, A. Romano, P. Termolino, V. Lanzotti (2013). Metabolomic fingerprinting using nuclear magnetic resonance and multivariate data analysis as a tool for biodiversity informatics: A case study on the classification of Rosa x damascena. PLANT BIOSYSTEMS, p. 1-8, ISSN: 1724-5575, doi: 10.1080/11263504.2013.781072
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Permanent staff Virginia Lanzotti (CHIM/06) (Professore Associato) UNINA, Luigi Frusciante (Professore Ordinario) UNINA, Mara Ercolano (Professore Associato) UNINA
Temporary or external staff Guido Incerti (Assegnista di ricerca) UNINA, Bruna De Falco (Dottoranda di ricerca) UNINA, Mariana Amato (Professore Associato) UNIBAS, Elisa Barile (ricercatore) Barnham Institute, San Diego, USA, Paolo Curir (ricercatore) CRA, Sanremo
Projects - PRIN 2005 Effects of species diversity on litter production and decomposition in Mediterranean maquis: modelling analysis”, Responsabile Gruppo Chimico Organico
- FISR 2006-2010 Metodi Sostenibili per il sequestro del carbonio organico nei suoli agrari. Valutazione degli effetti sulla qualità chimica, fisica, biologica ed agronomica dei suoli (MESCOSAGR), Responsabile Gruppo Chimico Organico
Recognitions and awards - Relazione plenaria su Invito: V. Lanzotti (2012) New trends in the research of bioactive plant metabolites, 2012 International Conference on Natural Products Research, New York, USA, published on Planta medica, 2012, 78, 1029.
- Relazione plenaria su Invito: V. Lanzotti (2011) Bioactive Natural products from food plants, Phytochemical in Nutrition and Health, PSE and SIF, Bari, Italy.
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