BIOLOGY | System Dynamics Modelling

C-Cycle Modelling

C-cycle-modelling Models of decomposition of litter and soil organic matter have been developed investigating the role of water relations on decomposition processes and implementing innovative descriptions of chemical quality and physical processes of soil organic matter aggregations. The models are able to assess CO2 emissions and are conceived for their further integrations in tools for ecosystem simulations.


Fire Modelling

Influences of environmental heterogeneity and information acquisition on predators energy budget and survival probability modelled by individual-based approach.


Software Tools and Theoretical Aspects

Investigation on the integration of different modeling approaches using various mathematical operators (ODE, PDE, logic functions) written in different languages and tools (system dynamic, Matlab, C + +).
Coupling between GIS and system dynamic models implemented in different software prototypes to analyse problems of scaling and spatial representation of ecological processes.
Theoretical investigation on modelling concepts and approaches in system biology and ecology.


Vegetation Modelling

Mathematical models by system dynamic and individual-based approaches are developed to describe vegetation dynamics and plant-soil processes and interactions at different scales. In particular, we investigated the role of negative feedback in regulating plant coexistence and biodiversity.