Reactivity with Anthopogenic Contaminants

Studies on the interactions between humic matter and anthropogenic contamiants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, polyaromatic and alogenated hydrocarbons. Application of pysical-chemical and chromatographic techniques.

Activity start 1998
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Permanent staff Alessandro Piccolo (PO-AGR13), Riccardo Spaccini (RU-AGR13), Filomena Sannino (RU-AGR13), Pierluigi Mazzei (D-AGR13), Antonio De Marino (D-AGR13), Franco Scogamiglio (D-AGR13)
Temporary or external staff Dr. Antonio Nebbioso  (Post Doc, assegnista di ricerca) CERMANU, Dr. Assunta Nuzzo  (Post Doc, assegnista di ricerca) CERMANU, Dr. Barabara Fontaine (Post Doc, assegnista di ricerca) CERMANU
Projects - (1994-1998) progetto europeo E5-T94-0470 “Environmental fate of pesticides bound to soil components through abiotic and biotic mechanisms” Importo: 76.000 ECU (EURO).
- (1997-2000) progetto europeo ERBICI15-CT97-0801 “Pesticide bound residues: Formation, characterization and standardization” programma UE-INCO . Importo: 84.000 (EURO).
- (2003-2005) research project UE-PON “Tecnologie di risonanza magnetica nucleare (NMR) per la tutela dell’ambiente”. 850.000 EURO.
- (2005-2007) progetto MIUR COFIN 2001, “Relazioni struttura-attività della sostanza organica naturale in sistemi suolo-pianta ”. 220.383 Euro.
- (2006-2009) progetto INTAS-UE “Structural effects of humic substances and some plant alkaloids on the degradation and detoxification of persistent organic pollutants in soils (HUMPOP)”, Collaborative Call with Uzbekistan. Importo 132.400 EURO.
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