Monitoring of Soil Quality

Chemical methodologies for assessment of soil and sediment contamination and feasability to reclamation. Aims of  investigations are:
- to assess the mobility, bioavailability and geochemical forms of potentially toxic metals in soils from agricultural, urban and industrial areas;
- to assess the potential of a plant-based methodology of reclamation of polluted soils and the plant induced effects on metal bioavailability and soil properties.

Activity start 1998
Publications - Fagnano M., Adamo P., Mariavittoria Zampella, Fiorentino N. Environmental and agronomic impact of fertilization with composted organic fraction from municipal solid waste: A case study in the region of Naples, Italy Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 141, 100-107, 2011
- Zampella M., Adamo P., Caner L., Petit S., Righi D., Terribile F., 2010. Chromium and copper in micromorphological features and clay fractions of volcanic soils with andic properties. Geoderma 157: 185–195
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- Stefano Albanese, Pietro Iavazzo, Paola Adamo, Annamaria Lima, Benedetto De Vivo, 2013. Assessment of the environmental conditions of the Sarno river basin (south Italy): a stream sediment approach. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 35, 283-297
- Vingiani S., Terribile F., Adamo P., 2013. Weathering and particle entrapment at the rock–lichen interface in Italian volcanic environments. Geoderma 207–208, 244–255
Permanent staff Paola Adamo (AGR/13)
Temporary or external staff Prof. Massimo Fagnano, Dott.ssa Maria Vittoria Zampella, IRMM, Geel, Belgium, Prof. Benedetto De Vivo, UNINA, Dott.ssa Claudia Rocco (Dottorando), Dott.ssa Anna Di Palma (Dottorando)
Projects 2012-2017  PROGETTO LIFE11/ENV/IT/275 Implementation of eco-compatible protocols for agricultural soil remediation in litorale Domizio-Agro Aversano NIPS (ECOREMED). Coordinatore generale Prof. Massimo Fagnano, Università di Napoli Federico II. Responsabile di azione C1 “Analytical determination of mobility and bioavailability of pollutants in pilot fields”.
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