Heavy Metals in Soil and Waters

Studies on the mobility of heavy metals in soil and their adsorption on soil organic and inorganic compounds (clays, Al and Fe oxides), etc.   Studies on heavy metals removal by mineral or organo-mineral complexes from contaminated solutions, in single or multiple systems, affected by pH, sequence of addition of the metals and their molar ratio, adsorbents nature, etc.

Activity start 2002
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Permanent staff Massimo Pigna (AGR/13) 
Temporary or external staff Dr. Antonio Giandonato Caporale (post-doc) UNINA, Alessia Sommella (PhD student) UNINA, Shah Md. Golam Gousul Azam (PhD student) UNINA
Projects - Member of unit B of Naples "Speciation, mobility and phytoavailability of heavy metals and metalloids in soil-plant system" of PRIN entitled "Transformation, mobility and phytoavailability of heavy metals and metalloids in soil-plant system ", number code 2006073324_001 (MIUR, 33.700 €, 2006)
- Member of unit B of Naples "Factors affecting the mobility and availability of toxicants in soil-plant system" of PRIN entitled "Biotic and abiotic processes affecting the mobility and availability of toxicants in soil-plant system", number code 2004078795_001 (MIUR, 22.000 €, 2004)
Recognitions and awards  
Scientific events XXXI Convegno Annuale SICA, organized by Dipartimento di Agraria, Università di Napoli Federico II, held in Napoli on 16-17 September 2013.
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