SOM-Plant Interaction

Analysis of structure/activity relationship in soil-plant ecosystems: study of the interaction  bwtween the molecular composition of SOM and biochemical and physiological processes in cropping systems.

Activity start 2006
Publications - 26. Nardi S., Muscolo A., Vaccaro S., Baiano S., Spaccini R., Piccolo A. “Relationship between molecular characteristics of soil humic fractions and glycolytic pathway and krebs cycle in maize seedlings” Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 39, 3138–3146 (2007).Q1
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Permanent staff Dr. R. Spaccini (AGR/13), Prof. A.Piccolo (AGR/13), Dr. F.Sannino (AGR/13), Dr. P. Mazzei (tecnico laureato/D1)
Temporary or external staff Dr. Vincenza Cozzolino, Hiarhi Monda, Giovanni Vinci, Daniele Todisco
Projects Responsabile scientifico unità operativa Progetto Europeo: “BIOFECTORS Resource Preservation by Application of BIOefFECTORS in European Crop Production”. (2012-2016) EC Euro 276.000
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