Biomass Crops on Marginal Lands

Yield and environmental impacts of biomass crops (giant reed, cardoon) are evaluated in different marginal lands of Campania region.

Activity start 2012
Publications - Spaccini R. , Sannino D. , Piccolo A. , Fagnano M., 2009.  Molecular changes in organic matter of a compost-amended soil. European Journal Soil Science 60, 287-96.
- Diodato N., Fagnano M., Alberico I., 2009. CliFEM – Climate Forcing and Erosion Response Modelling at Long-Term Sele River Research Basin (Southern Italy). Natural Hazard and Earth System Science, 9, 1693-1702.
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Permanent staff Massimo Fagnano PA AGR02, Mauro Mori RC AGR02
Temporary or external staff Adriana Impagliazzo (dottorando), Lucia Ottaiano (assegnista), Ida di Mola (assegnista), Nunzio Fiorentino (assegnista)
Projects PON01_1966 Enerbiochem, coordinatore WP1 e referente UNINA nell'assemblea generale del progetto; MIUR  = 1.000.000 euro
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Technology and know-how transfers protocollo di coltvazione ai partner industriali (Chemtex e Novamont)