Biomass Crops on Polluted Soils

Phyto and bioremediation capacity of biomass crops are evaluated in differetn polluted sites of Agro-Aversano.

Activity start 2012
Publications - Fagnano M., Adamo P., Zampella M.V., Fiorentino N., 2011. Environmental and agronomic impact of fertilization with composted organic fraction from municipal solid waste.  Agric. Ecosystem Environ. 141, 100-107.
- Alluvione F., Fiorentino N., Bertora C., Zavattaro L.,  Fagnano M., Quaglietta Chiarand√† F., Grignani C., 2013. Short-term crop and soil response to C-friendly strategies in two contrasting environments. Eur. J. Agron. 45, 114-123.
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Permanent staff Massimo Fagnano PA AGR02, Mauro Mori RC AGR02
Temporary or external staff Adriana Impagliazzo (dottorando), Lucia Ottaiano (assegnista), Ida di Mola (assegnista), Nunzio Fiorentino (assegnista)
Projects LIFE11/ENV/IT/275 Ecoremed coordinatore progetto, CE = 2.000.000 euro
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