CROP PRODUCTION | Plants in Space

Bioregenerative Life Support Systems (BLSS)

Bioregenerative-Life-Support-Systems This resarch aims to to evaluate the possibility to cultivate plants in artificial bioregenerative systems in Space, to regenerate resources and produce food. Space-oriented experiments are carried out in closed growth chamber under controlled environment to evaluate the adaptation of soybean plants to soilless culture (hydroponics), and the plant response to changing cultural parameters, in order to identify the best cultivation protocol for BLSS. Treatments are evaluated in terms of agronomic and physiological traits, seed quality and technical parameters.


Plant Space Biology and Radioecology

Plant-Space-Biology-and-Radioecology This research aims to understand the effect of Space factors on various processes of plant growth and reproduction. In particular, the response of plants to altered gravity and ionising radiations is investigated with both experiments on Earth, with facilities simulating reduced gravity and high radiation levels, and in Space.  Morpho-anatomical and eco-physiological analyses are performed.