Insect parasitoids

Insect-parasitoids Studies on physiology and development of parasitic Hymenoptera, and on molecular interactions with their hosts. The analysis of the mechanisms underpinning antagonistic associations in insects provides background information for the development of bio-inspired pest control technologies.

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Publications - MANCINI D., GARONNA A.P.& P.A. PEDATA – 2013. A new embryonic pattern in parasitic wasps: divergence in early development may not be associated with lifestyle. Evolution & Development, 15(6): 418–425.   Q1
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- F. PENNACCHIO; STRAND M.R.(2006). Evolution of developmental strategies in parasitic Hymenoptera. ARE (ISSN:0066-4170)pp.233- 258 Vol.51, Q1
Permanent staff Francesco Pennacchio, PO. Silvia Caccia, RTD. Donato Mancini, TL, AGR/11
Temporary or external staff Magda De Eguilor, UNINI, Morena Casartelli, UNIVR, Silvia Gigliotti, CNR-IGB, Massimo Giorgini, CNR-IPSP, Paolo Alfonso Pedata, CNR-IPSP, Patrizia Falabella, UNIBAS 
Projects - New natural insecticides from insect parasitoids. MIUR COFIN 2002. National coordinator; 2003-2004, value 240K.
- Biopesticides from Insect Parasitoids (FP6). QLK3-CT-2001-01586. Partner and deputy coordinator; 2002-2004; Value 1400K
- New strategies for insect control with genes from natural antagonists. MIUR COFIN 2004 National coordinator; 2005-2006, value 180K
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