Polydnavirus and immunosuppression

Polydnavirus-and-immunosuppression Molecular and functional studies on symbiotic viruses associated with parasitic wasps, which suppress the immune response and disrupt the development of the attacked insect host. The virulence factors encoded by these viruses are good candidates for the development of new bioinsecticides.

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Permanent staff Francesco Pennacchio, PO. Silvia Caccia, RTD, AGR/11
Temporary or external staff Ilaria Di Lelio, Ass. Paola Varricchio, Ass, Magda De Eguilor, UNINI, Morena Casartelli, UNIVR, Silvia Gigliotti, CNR-IGB, Massimo Giorgini, CNR-IPSP, Patrizia Falabella, UNIBAS, Giuseppe Gargiulo, UNIBO
Projects Genetic resources of beneficial organisms for sustainable agriculture. Ministry of Agriculture MIPAF Coordinator sub-project on insects; 2002-2005; value 600K.
Geni di origine parassitaria e loro uso in strategie innovative di controllo degli insetti. MIUR COFIN2008. 200K (intero progetto)
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