Midgut physiology and bioinsecticide delivery

Midgut-physiology Insect midgut is the major site of nutrient absorption and an effective barrier against absorption of natural macromolecules with insecticidal activity. The study of its physiology is essential to design new pest control technologies targeting insect digestion and absorption, or that require the delivery across the gut barrier of bioinsecticide molecules.

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Permanent staff Francesco Pennacchio, PO. Silvia Caccia, RTD (AGR/11). Rosa Rao, PO (AGR/13)
Temporary or external staff Magda De Eguilor, UNIVR, Morena Casartelli, UNIMI, Silvia Gigliotti, CNR-IGB, Giuseppe Gargiulo, UNIBO
Projects Development of new bioinsecticides. MIUR COFIN 2006 National coordinator; 2007-2008, value 160K
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