Astringency of Grape and Wine

Our research focuses on the development of an objective method able to measure the astringent sensation elicited by grapes and wines.

Activity start 2004
Publications - Rinaldi, N. Iturmendi, A. Gambuti, M. Jourdes, PL Teissedre, L. Moio, (2014).Chip Electrophoresis as a Novel Approach to Measure the Polyphenols Reactivity toward Human Saliva. ELECTROPHORESIS, DOI: 10.1002/elps.201300622 (Q1)
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Permanent staff Prof. Luigi Moio (AGR15), Dott.ssa Gambuti Angelita (AGR15)
Temporary or external staff Dott.ssa Rinaldi Alessandra (assegnista UNINA)
Projects - Sviluppo di un metodo facile e rapido per la determinazione dell'astringenza, Progetto BIOLAFFORT 2013; 70000 euro (Assegnista) coordinatore del progetto: Prof. Luigi Moio
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