Foods/Ingredients and Disease Prevention

Foods ingredients and disease prevention Intervention studies in humans and animals are performed in order to clarify mechanisms underlying the ability of foods/ingredients to protect the body from chronic diseases driven by oxidative stress and inflammation. Biological samples are collected and specific analysis based on multiplexed assays, LC/MS/MS and pectrophotometric analysis are performed.

Activity start 2003
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Permanent staff Paola Vitaglione (BIO/09), Vincenzo Fogliano (CHIM/10)
Temporary or external staff Nicola Caporaso, PO, UNINA, Dip. Medicina Clinica e Chirurgia, Filomena Morisco, PA, UNINA, Dip. Medicina Clinica e Chirurgia
Projects - Validation of new functional foods in humans (Campania Municipality) – 2008, Euro 200.000 - (PV: Project team and scientific responsible of activity)
- D.Lg 297/99 Art. 5 Project "New types of dietary fiber-enriched fresh and dry pasta" in cooperation with Pastificio Leonessa (MIUR), 2005, Euro 351.000 - (PV: Project team and scientific responsible of activity)
- Nutrition Education "Knowledge that nutrishes" – Educational cartoon "La famiglia Rigatoni" (Campania Municipality), 2009, Euro 40.000 - (PV: Project team and text building)
Recognitions and awards Lectures to international conference (P Vitaglione):
- Coffee components and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease - 6th Probiotics, prebiotics and New Foods, Roma, 11-13 September 2011
- Bioactive compounds and liver health: which outcomes and which biomarkers? - COST ACTION 927 Conference “Bioactive compounds from food processing: biotransformation and biological significance”. Granada, 8-10 May 2008
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