Bioavailability of Bioactive Compounds

Bioavailability of bioactive compounds Bioavailability of bioactive compounds plays a central role in the possibility of food components to act in vivo upon short- and long-term consumption. Randomized controlled trials in humans are performed. Blood, urine and fecal samples are collected and analysed by LC/MS/MS, HPLC/DAD and Orbitrap.

Activity start 2004
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Permanent staff Paola Vitaglione (BIO/09), Vincenzo Fogliano (CHIM/10)
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Projects - Bioavailability of ferulic acid from whole grain – in cooperation with General Mills (USA), 2011, Euro 120.000 (PV: Project coordinator and Principal Investigator)
- NANOFOODS - Development of foods containing nanoencapsulated ingredient (EC), 2008, Euro 726.000 - (PV: Project team and scientific responsible of activity)
- BIOCURCUMIN - Platform for enhanced bioavailability and smart delivery of biologically active ingredients "Italy-Israel R&D Cooperation Program" (Italian Foreign Ministry), 2008, Euro 99.335 - (PV: Project team and scientific responsible of activity)
Recognitions and awards Lectures to international conference (P Vitaglione):
- Health benefits of wholegrain: an intervention study to clarify underlying mechanisms and the role of polyphenols bound to dietary fiber -20th International Congress of Nutrition, Granada, 15-20 September 2013
- Whole grain and colon cancer: the antioxidant and inflammatory working hypotheses - International symposium on  “Natural products in cancer prevention and therapy – Napoli, 25-28 June 2013
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