Quality and Processing of Meat and Derivatives

Quality-and-Processing-of-Meat-and-Derivatives The research concerns:
- Molecular characterization of the proteins of meat sarcomere (buffalo, bovine, pig and poultry) by electrophoretic and mass spectrometry techniques;
- Identification of molecular markers of different animal species in meat products;
- Definition of the proteolytic profile changes during the tenderization process.

Activity start 2000
Publications - Ferranti P., Nitride C., Nicolai M.A.,  Mamone G., Picariello G., Bordoni A.,  Valli V., Di Nunzio M.,  Babini E.,  Marcolini E.,  Capozzi F. In vitro digestion of Bresaola proteins and release of potential bioactive peptides. Food Research International (2014) in press. (ISSN: 09639969) (Q1)
- Ferranti P.,  Facchiano A., Zappacosta F., Vincenti D., Rullo R.,  Masala B.,  Di Luccia A. 2001. Primary Structure of beta-Globin Chains from River Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis L.) hemoglobins. J. Prot. Chem., 20, 171-179 (ISSN: 0277-8033) (Q3)
- Picariello G., De Martino A., Mamone G., Ferranti P.,  Addeo F., Faccia M., Spagna Musso S., Di Luccia A. 2006 Proteomic study of muscle sarcoplasmic proteins using AUT-PAGE/SDS-PAGE as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. J. Chromatogr. B Analyt. Technol. Biomed. Life Sci., 833, 101-108 (ISSN: 0021-9673) (Q1)
Permanent staff Pasquale Ferranti*(PA, AGR15), Rosalba Mauriello  (RC, AGR15),  M. Adalgisa Nicolai (RC, AGR15), Giuseppina Garro (RC, AGR15)
Temporary or external staff Gianfranco Mamone (CNR), Gianluca Picariello (CNR)
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