Food Packaging and Shelf-Life

Food-Packaging-and-Shelf-Life This research area is focused on the design of innovative packaging system to extend the shelf life of food product. This includes development of new biopolymer material for food packaging application, coupling of mass transfer models with reaction kinetics  to properly design food package and modeling deterioration kinetics to predict food shelf life.

Activity start 2004
Publications - Perone N., Torrieri E., Cavella S., Masi P. (2014). Effect of rosemary oil on structure and functional properties of HPMC film at several concentrations. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7 (2), 605-609. (Q1)
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Permanent staff Elena Torrieri RU AGR/15, Paolo Masi PO AGR/15, Silvana Cavella PA AGR/15, Rossella Di Monaco RU AGR/15
Temporary or external staff Carlino Pier Antimo (Assegnista di ricerca) UNINA, Nadia Perone (Borsa di studio) UNINA
Collaborations Joint Research Unit: Agropolymers Engineering and Emerging Technologies, UMR 1208 IATE UM2, CIRAD, INRA, Montpellier SupAgro Montpellier, France
Projects - VIVOPACK (36 mesi),  Made in Italy-MISE: New biodegradable package for made in Italy product (Costo UO=1.026.813,26 euro). 2010. Responsabile UO
- ENBED (36 mesi), CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation EU Project: Environmental benefits through the decrease of food products loss and waste. (80000 Euro), 2011 Responsabile UO
- DEFENS (36 mesi),FIRB-MIUR: Active packaging system for typical fresh diary products (40000 Euro), 2008. Responsabile UO
- AGRIMATION (24 MESI), Programma RIDITT – promosso dal MISE -perimentazione ed introduzione di tecnologie innovative e a basso costo per il monitoraggio, la supervisione e la tracciabilità in specifiche filiere, (126000,00), 2006 -Responsabile UO        
- Progetto PRIN (36 MESI), MIUR - Studio e caratterizzazione di film edibili a matrice proteica ($$), 2005. Responsabile del progetto 
Recognitions and awards - notizia ANSA su progetto ENBED
- Il lavoro " Optimization of bluefin tuna fishburger MAP by mixture design and triangular surface analysis" ha ricevuto il GSICA POSTER AWARDS al convogno  SLIM 2008
- La dott.ssa Elena Torrieri ha ricevuto il "GSICA awards for the scientific production" nell'anno 2008.
Scientific events - Chair dI SLIM 2008 Shelf Life International Meeting (2008)
Technology and know-how transfers