Beverages Processing

Beverages-processing Study of bio-active compounds extraction processes from vegetal food.

Activity start 1998
Publications - Nicola Francesca, Raffaele Romano, Ciro Sannino, Laura Le Grottaglie, Luca Settanni, Giancarlo Moschetti (2013) Evolution of microbiological and chemical parameters during red wine making with extended post-fermentation maceration. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 171 , pp. 84-93  (Q1)
- Francesca N., Chiurazzi M., Romano R., Aponte M., Settanni L.,  Moschetti G. (2009). Indigenous yeast communities in the environment of ‘‘Rovello bianco’’ grape variety and their use in commercial white wine fermentation. World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. DOI 10.1007/s11274-009-0181-5. (Q2)
- G. Nota, D. Naviglio, R. Romano, V. Sabia, G. Attanasio,  S. Spagna Musso (2001). Examination of the lemon peel maceration step in the preparation of lemon liquor. It. Food & Bev. Tech. 24, 5-9.
- D. Naviglio, R. Romano, G. Attanasio (2001). Rapid Determination of ethanol content in spirits and beer by high resolution gas chromatography. It. Food & Bev. Tech. 24, 19-21
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Permanent staff Raffaele Romano (SSD AGR/15); Giancarlo Moschetti (SSD AGR/16); Daniele Naviglio (SSD CHIM/01); Salvatore Spagna Musso (SSD AGR/15)
Temporary or external staff Nicola Francesca (dottorando); Laura Le Grottaglie (dottoranda)
Projects - Titolo: Estrazione di essenze ed aromi da sottoprodotti vegetali mediante SFE;  Italcop Spa  Cava dei Tirreni (SA) (429280/07-513)  (importo 30.000 euro) n° Protocollo POR 3.17 , anno 2008.
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Technology and know-how transfers Improvement of beverages processing  technologies  to increase chemical and sensorial quality.