Storage and Processing of Animal Foods: Meat and Derivatives

Study of factors preventing meat lipid oxidation.

Activity start 2005
Publications - Romano R., Borriello I., Chianese L.  (2007). Effect of dietary vitamin E content on the CLA, cholesterol and triglycerides composition of italian mediterranean buffalo meat. Italian Journal of Animal Science (ISSN:1594-4077) pp. 1202 - 1206 Vol. 6 (Q3)
- Cascone A., Paduano A., Battimo I., Romano R., Fogliano V., Sacchi R., Chianese L. (2007). Lipid oxidation in buffalo meat from animals with dietary supplementation of vitamn E. Italian Journal of Animal Science. (ISSN:1594-4077) pp. 1191 - 1194 Vol.6 (Q3)
Permanent staff Raffaele Romano (SSD AGR/15), Lina Chianese (SSD AGR/15), Raffaele Sacchi (SSD AGR/15); Vincenzo Fogliano (SSD CHIM/10); Cascone A. (SSD CHIM/01)
Temporary or external staff Ilaria Borriello (dottoranda)
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Technology and know-how transfers Development of technique to inhibit meat deterioration with consequent loss of quality and valuable costituents.