Multidisciplinary approaches for improving tomato resistance and quality

Data integration system  of genetic, genomic and phenotypic data  in order to  investigate plant–pathogen systems and  to  predict models of action for a better identification of quality features.

Activity start 2004
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Permanent staff Maria Raffaella Ercolano (AGR/07), Amalia Barone (PA, AGR07), Luigi Frusciante (AGR/07)
Temporary or external staff Daniele Manzo (PhD student, UNINA); Siciliano R (ISA-CNR Avellino), Yuling Bay (Laboratory of Plant Breeding of Wageningen University in the Netherlands),  Christine Gebhard (Max-Planck-Institut in Cologne, Germany); Daniela D'Esposito (contract); Luca Tardella (Università "La Sapienza" Roma); Vincenzo Fogliano (PA, UNINA)
Collaborations INTERNAZIONALI: Sanseverino Walter (Sequentia, Barcellona ES)Yuling Bay (Laboratory of Plant Breeding of Wageningen University in the Netherlands),  Christine Gebhard (Max-Planck-Institut in Cologne, Germany). NAZIONALI: Siciliano R (ISA-CNR Avellino
Projects - Genetic resources useful for the improvement of species of agricultural interest and for sustainable agriculture (MiPAAF, partecipante)
- Analisi dei caratteri genetici che influenzano la produzione di biomassa per l’ottenimento di energia rinnovabile in pomodoro BIOMASSVAL (MiPAAF, partecipante)
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