Bioremediation of soil and water for heavy metals and aromatic compounds by means of plants and microalgae

Characterisation and induction of phenol oxidase activity in plants and microalgae to remediate PHA-containing soils and wastewaters.

Activity start 2006
Publications - Chiaiese P., Palomba F., Galante C., Esposito S. De Biasi M.-G., Filippone E. 2012. Transgenic tobacco plants expressing a fungal laccase are able to reduce phenol content from olive oil-mill wastewaters. International Journal of Phycoremediation, 14: 835-844 (Q2)
- Chiaiese P., Palomba F., Tatino F., Lanzillo C., Pinto G., Pollio A., Filippone E. 2011. Engineered tobacco and microalgae secreting the fungal laccase POX A1b reduce phenols content in olive-oil mill wastewater. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 49: 540-546 (Q1)
Permanent staff Edgardo Filippone (PO, AGR/07), Pasquale Chiaiese (RU, AGR/07)
Temporary or external staff Marco La Russa (Ph.D.), Francesca Palomba (Ph.D.), Antonino Pollio (PA, BIO/01, Department of Biology, University of Naples), Gabriele Pinto  (PA, BIO/01, Department of Biology, University of Naples),  Maria Rao (PA, AGR/13, Department of Agriculture, University of Naples)
Collaborations Tecniche Integrate di decontaminazione (TIDe), Progetto PON-PNR 297, Obiettivo: Fitorisanamento dei suoli, Finanziamento € 130.000,00, Edgardo Filippone, Responsabile Scientifico dell'U.O.
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