MICROBIOLOGY | Food, Environmental and Agricultural Microbiology

Biodeterioration of Cultural Heritage

Biodeterioration-of-cultural-heritage Study of the deterioration of cultural heritage by bacteria and fungi through cultural and molecular methods to identify the main microbial agents implicated in the biodecay of artworks in indoor and/or outdoor environments.


Microbial Biosystems Applied in the Bioenergy, Bioremediation, Recovery of Organic Waste and improving the growth of agricultural Plants

Microbial-biosystems Microbial ecology of natural habitat (compost, vegetable biomasses, soil) as source of new microbial strains and enzymes.
Isolation, identification and  biotecnological selection and application of microbial cultures for eco-friendly agriculture,  green technology and bioremediation.


Microbiology of Leavening Baked Goods

Microbiology-of-leavening-baked-goods Our research group works on different aspects of the microbiological activities of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and yeast useful to improve the quality of leavening baked food:
- Ecology of the sourdough system;
- Antimicrobial activity of LAB;
- LAB and yeast selection and application in food system;
- Pronutritional activity of LAB in baked food;
- Exopolysaccharides production by LAB.