Dairy Microbiology

Microbial characterization of dairy products by means of conventional isolation procedures as well as by  culture-independent approaches. Genotypic and biochemical characterization of strains from dairy environment for technological applications.

Activity start 2004
Publications - Coppola, S., Fusco, V., Andolfi, R., Aponte, M., Blaiotta, G., Ercolini, D., and Moschetti, G. (2006). Evaluation of microbial diversity during the manufacture of fior di latte di agerola, a traditional raw milk pasta-filata cheese of the naples area. Journal of Dairy Research 73(3): 264-272. (Q1)
- Aponte*, M., Fusco, V., Andolfi, R., and Coppola, S. (2008). Lactic acid bacteria occurring during manufacture and ripening of Provolone del Monaco cheese: Detection by different analytical approaches. International Dairy Journal 18(4): 403-413. (Q1)
- Aponte, M., Pepe, O., and Blaiotta, G. (2010). Short communication: Identification and technological characterization of yeast strains isolated from samples of water buffalo mozzarella cheese. Journal of Dairy Science 93(6): 2358-2361. (Q1)
- Blaiotta, G., Sorrentino, A., Ottombrino, A., and Aponte*, M. (2011). Short communication: Technological and genotypic comparison between Streptococcus macedonicus and Streptococcus thermophilus strains coming from the same dairy environment. Journal of Dairy Science 94(12): 5871-5877. (Q1)
- Ricciardi, A., Blaiotta, G., Di Cerbo, A., Succi, M., Aponte*, M. 2014. Behaviour of lactic acid bacteria populations in Pecorino di Carmasciano cheese samples submitted to environmental conditions prevailing in the gastrointestinal tract: Evaluation by means of a polyphasic approach. International Journal of Food Microbiology 179: 64-71. (Q1)   
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