Table Olives Fermentation

Microbial evaluation of the table olives ecosystem and development of starter cultures.

Activity start 2004
Publications -  Ercolini, D., Villani, F., Aponte, M., and Mauriello, G. (2006). Fluorescence in situ hybridisation detection of Lactobacillus plantarum group on olives to be used in natural fermentations. International Journal of Food Microbiology 112(3): 291-296. (Q1)
- Aponte, M., Ventorino, V., Blaiotta, G., Volpe, G., Farina, V., Avellone, G., and Moschetti, G. (2010). Study of green sicilian table olive fermentations through microbiological, chemical and sensory analyses. Food Microbiology 27(1): 162-170. (Q1)
- Aponte, M., Blaiotta, G., La Croce, F., Mazzaglia, A., Farina, V., Settanni, L., and Moschetti, G. (2012). Use of selected autochthonous lactic acid bacteria for spanish-style table olive fermentation. Food Microbiology 30(1): 8-16. (Q1)
Permanent staff Giancarlo Moschetti - Prof. Ordinario 07/F2 (ex AGR/16)
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